The ever busy Botswana Road came to a stop as the Universal Church’s own ever vibrant YPG(Youth Power Group), rocked the show in the LEARN TO SAY NO/ LIFE IS WORTH LIVING event. Over six thousands of youth from most parts of the Southern part of Botswana filled the road to be part of this event which promotes positive living with God and being able to stand up and say NO to all that does not benefit the youth of today; including drugs, alcohol, bullying, teenage pregnancy etc.
It started with a prayer from the youth pastor, Pastor Lesley. And then came life transformation testimonies showing the impact of the YPG project in the community. A young lady shared her story of how her search for love and fulfillment lead to unimaginable heartache, addiction and reckless living. Mmapula was broken and on the brink of ruining her whole future when she came to the church, and with the help of God she learnt to Say No to that life. Today she is a woman of God, looking forward to a brighter future.

Another touching testimony of transformation was of a bright youngster who got the opportunity to go abroad. But because of the strong influence of peers, he got hooked up on drugs ended up addicted to cocaine and ecstasy. He lost his scholarship and had to come back home, where he did more drugs. To the crowds amazement, as this young man spoke, standing next to him was the very guy who used to sell him drugs , both of them now transformed, strong members of the YPG are pleased to tell their story and encourage other drug addicts that its possible to enjoy life, and be fulfilled with God. Because with God life is worth living!

The event continued with the youth unveiling their talents, sending a message to the audience with dance to drama to music, you name it!

Then Bishop Frank gave a powerful message to the youth.
“Everything is allowed, but not everything is beneficial,”
He firmly explained that many youth have to decide what is good for them and what benefits them in the long run. Many youth are influenced by what’s trending, and jeopardize their whole future. He then explained that we can all be victorious but first we have to say NO to all that does not benefit us. The decision of what will benefit us is upon ourselves. Bishop then prayed for those who needed the strength of God to ‘ Say No’ to all that does not benefit.

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