Yes! It’s possible to change

“After I lost my parents, I moved to stay with my uncle. From then, I learned to be a DJ. As soon as I completed my Cambridge, I decided to continue with my music career after which I started drinking alcohol and womanising. At home my family regarded me as a well behaved kid, but I was a completely different person in night clubs.

The worst moment was when we were involved in car accident as a result of drunken driving. From that moment I started self-introspection and realised that I needed to change my life as I didn’t want my younger siblings to follow my footsteps. I had no idea of what to do until one morning when I met my aunt at the gate going to church as I just arrived from the night club. The following Sunday I decided to go to the Universal Church with her, and since then, I never looked back.

When I got to the Universal Church, I learnt about the chains of prayer. I joined the chains of prayer for Mondays for my financial life, and Fridays for deliverance from addiction to alcohol and womanizing since the only job that I had was a DJ in clubs and that I spent my whole salary on alcohol. After sometime, I got delivered and I was able to leave all the wrong things I was doing. Now I have my own consultancy company, I bought myself a car and even managed to get married. I’m now a responsible person and a role model to my siblings. I thank God for changing my life”.

Kaone Gaogopolwe

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