What a day

Today I am a happy person who has discovered meaning to life again. But it wasn’t always like that. The light of my life went off when my mother passed away, living me with an overcast of sorrow and pain. My world became a dark and lonely place. My mother was everything to me. It was a devastating tragedy to lose her. I just fell apart. I was depressed and lonely. I couldn’t stay by myself because then I would start thinking about her. So I kept myself around people. I needed attention and comfort from people to fill the void inside of me.

The ordeal took its toll on my studies as  well.   I couldn’t concentrate when studying. I also had sleepless nights. Night time was a nightmare. I started seeing things and choking in my sleep. One day I received an invitation to the event of the Universal Church in the national stadium. The pamphlet said “Come and receive power to change your life,” I thought to myself, I need that power. And so I came and attended the meeting. That day when I left the event something had changed in me.

Today I am totally free. God has given me a new life. I am no longer depressed, I am not lonely. I sleep well at night. With all that God is doing for me, life is worth living!

Tshegofatso Mogatle

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