We made it through God

“Before I came to church, each and every area of my life was a mess. My financial life, love life, health and spiritual life were terrible. I was a graduate but I could not find a job and became unemployed for a year.. I was in a relationship that was full of fights and arguments. For three years, my relationship was full of up and down moments.  I was also addicted to pornography.

To add to my troubles, I began experiencing pains on my lower abdomen. The pains worsened when it was time to sleep; as a result, I had sleepless nights. Eventually, I went to the doctors and I was diagnosed with a spleen condition. The doctors told me that I needed an operation to remove the spleen as it was growing.

My then girlfriend brought me to the UCKG where I learned about the chains of prayer. I began to participate for every area that troubled my life. I attended Monday services for my financial life, Tuesday services for my healing, Thursday services for my love life and Friday services for my deliverance. In addition, I used the spiritual treatment water.

Through the chains of prayers, my life got restored as I was healed from the sickness that almost sent me to the operation room and got free from addiction. I have managed to get married and also have a company that is doing well. My life has completely changed.”

Tshenolo Moremi

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