I turned my life around…

My life was meaningless with no sense of direction whatsoever. Both my husband and I were alcoholics. As a consequence we had many financial problems, which only led us to drink even more to avert reality. Our business was failing and our house was repossessed. As you can imagine nothing went well in our family. We were now homeless and struggling just to get by. We started renting from one place to another. Things just went from bad to worse. It seem2qed we were just heading in one direction in life, downhill.

Until I was invited to the UCKG where I learned about the chains of prayer. When the Campaign of Mount Sinai was introduced I decided to join it. I placed all that I had that time on the altar. Since then God has been honoring me. I managed to start a business of collecting refuse. Though it was the time of the recession my business was not affected. I also managed to buy a house. My children finished school; I was able to pay for all their school fees. I have gained my dignity back. Now I can see where I am going in life. I can say, “sacrifice works, without hesitation.img_1745-000img_1748