I thank God for restoring my marriage

A family with principles, good moral and financially stable is where I was raised in. My father was a diplomat, for a certain period we were staying in one country & later relocate to another. I was filled with so much privilege, life was good, simple and everything according to my childhood definition was perfect, and I didn’t lack anything. I was the little princess to my father; I respected and admired my parent’s marriage so much that all I wanted was to be like them.

I had this into my mind that before I reach my early twenties I will be married with kids and a stable home just like my parents. Turn around of my life prospect began now, at the age of eighteen when I started dating even though my parents didn’t approve of it. I met a man who promised me the world, by then his promises were making sense and we were making future plans together, nothing seems to be going wrong until I fell pregnant.

My prince turned to be a frog, he started to neglect and cheat on me. In this moment my conscience accused me and the guilt of knowing that I had made bad decisions in my life, made me feel bad, I became depressed and I lost appetite on food. I was sad, disappointed about myself but that didn’t stop me, I continued looking for the prince that I dreamt of.

Later I found a man who promised to marry me and indeed I got married to him, things were going well we had a business together. Until, he also disappointed me and we had to divorce. I lost everything that we had accomplished together and I had started all over again in life. Since that day nothing seems to be going right in my sentimental life, I would date men but to discover later that they are married or having a girlfriend. I became hopeless; I didn’t know what to do anymore or what direction to go. I visited witchdoctors to seek for help but nothing worked out. I gave up in looking for a real partner and decided to raise my kids alone.
tshego-1-of-1When I met my husband I was not even sure if I wanted to date because many men disappointed me. My husband (back then he was a boyfriend) kept on promising to marry me but he couldn’t initiate that. One day a friend invited me to UCKG because she could notice through the stress and frustrations I was having in my love life. After coming to church attending the chains of prayers, counselling and put the teachings I received into practice, God began to work in me and things started evolving.

I got married, and together with my husband we moved to Ireland but then our marriage was going through hard rock, in mind was that it was not going to last just like the previous one, but then the Campaign of Israel was introduced in the church.

I decided to take part in the Campaign of Israel with all my strength and with all my heart asking God to restore my marriage and to change my life. I came to back to home country with no guarantee that my marriage will get back on track. However today God honored my faith, my marriage has been restored and now is honeymoon everyday, my husband has changed and I have changed. We face challenges but now we fight them together as a couple unlike before. I thank God for restoring my marriage.

Tshegofatso Shedan

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