Story of my life

Growing up in a family of nine siblings with a single mother was never easy. I witnessed poverty firsthand. My mother was not married and she had to support all of us with the little that she could find. I grew up with the mentality that I would never be anything in life. That’s why the first job that I got was to be a maid. But it didn’t last long. Soon I was back in my home village depending on other people to support my children.

When I realized that I could not support my children well, I decided to give them up to my other siblings to help me. It wasn’t easy but that was the only option I had that time. I thought things were going to be better for my family but the worst was yet to come. We started losing family members.  For almost sixteen years, every two years we were experiencing deaths, to the point that we would wonder who is next.  I started to live in fear of death. Evil spirits tormented me; I could not sleep during the night. We lost almost seven members of the family because of this curse, young and old. My family became a mess. There were a lot of misunderstandings and conflicts.  We were fighting like cats and dogs.

_dsc0092-000My younger sister invited me to the church and that’s when I learned about the Campaigns and how to fight for my life and my family.

At the age of 53, I finally said “I Do”. I got married after being together with my husband for almost 35 years. The family that only gathered for a funeral, gathered for a celebration for the very first time.

  I now own a farm with my husband and children. I don’t depend on anyone but I’m able to support my family and I’m also preparing for my daughter’s wedding. The curse is broken. Our family is now united and we are able to communicate well. I thank God for everything.

Gaolathe Othugile