You know that justice means worthiness (deserving), you become worthy of it when you become just. You become deserving (worthy) of the presence of God, and His attention. So, for you to be righteous, you have to have your sins forgiven. Isn’t that so? You do not have to do penance so that you can be under Justice, or live in Justice … You have to be clean before God. And there is only one thing that is capable of making it clean before God – it is through faith. Faith in the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It was faith in the Lord Jesus, in His sacrifice that made us to have the right, and privilege of entering His presence. Therefore whoever walks with God, whoever has the Spirit of God has the spirit of Justice, he walks in righteousness, and wants the good of his neighbour. He who walks in Justice is merciful. He who walks in Justice walks in the fear of God. Whoever walks in Justice lives a clean, perfect life with God. Why?

Because God is Justice, God is justice! Remember when Jesus said: “I am the truth! “.

When Jesus says, “I am the truth,” He means, “I am Justice. ”

Because there is no justice without truth. Isn’t that so? Well, Jesus was the truth. You see, my friend, in the generation of Noah, in the last generation of Noah, so to speak. That entire generation perished, they died in the flood, Noah was the only righteous man, in the whole world, in the entire earth.

It does not mention here that his family was righteous, but he was righteous. And because of being righteous, he saved his whole family. How wonderful, right!

For example, you want to save your family, your children, and you want to leave a blessed inheritance for your children…. Invest in your faith! Because your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the only thing that can make you righteous before God. It is in your hands the right and authority to do what is right or wrong. If you do what is right and just, it will please God. So when we honour our word, we are being faithful to God. We are being righteous because we also imitate our Lord, our King. We are honouring our word. My friend, pay close attention, we are living the week of the TEST WITH GOD, aren’t we?

And in this test, we are opening the Bible and saying to God:

“Oh Lord! You invited me to test You. To test Your word! So, I’m here to test Your word. If this that is written here, is You, Lord, who spoke it, if it was You who said so, if this is true, then it must happen in my life! Because I believe in this Word, I believe in it. And I believe in such a way that I’m putting all my life, all my being, everything that I am, everything that I plan to be or have, I’m putting it on your altar. For I truly believe in Your word. ”

Then, this person becomes righteous before God, therefore, deserving of His blessings, and of His attention.

And that was what made Noah to become a righteous man. And my friend, when you do that, you become righteous and God is going to save you and surely save your family too.