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When we come into this world, we are brand new, with a clean slate – no faults, problems or experience of life. However, as we grow older, we go through different experiences and develop certain tendencies and habits. For example, a victim of abuse may find it very difficult to trust others, as well as have good self-esteem. But this person was not born into the world with a lack of trust and self-esteem. Unfortunately, many of us allow ourselves to be shaped and defined by previous negative experiences that we have been through.

That is why we have the five-week Self-Awareness course, aimed at helping women discover their true selves. We don’t believe that anyone should be defined by his or her situation. Instead, we believe that people have the power to define themselves and discover who they really are, as God created them to be.

On Sunday 04th once again we had self-awareness course which was conducted by Mrs. Marcia Pires through conference video and Mrs. Talents as she was sharing her personal experiences concerning the topic of that day. This time around the topic was Reference of Men. Because of the perception of the world, now days the reference of men has changed they are label as trash, dogs etc. But what does the bible and God say about men, this is what the ladies got. Men are reference of God. In a relationship they represent God, we women should serve them as we serve the Lord Jesus in that way they will be able to take care of our needs just like the Lord Jesus.

Many women attended that meeting and among them was Tebogo who give her testimony about how she use to look at men. She mentioned that she had negativity attitude towards men. Her past relationships failed because of her negative attitude towards men, but now that she is part of the course, her mentality changed.

This meeting is a must for every woman out there, so why not join us in our next course? Find out from the nearest Universal church about this meeting or call our helpline 75619771 or sms 74527737

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