My health has been restored

It all started in 1996 when I experienced pain in my shoulder. The pain was excruciating such that I was always on sick leave from work to go to hospital.  The doctors would administrate medicine for the pain but it did not work, instead, the pain became worse.

I became desperate and sought for help from different churches and traditional healers who told me that the ancestors wanted me to become a sangoma, that was when I would be healed but I did not accept that.

In 2006 I developed another problem with my womb. The doctors said that I had a tumor and I had to undergo operation to remove it but still I refused. These pains caused me sleepless nights and I would not be able to do anything for myself. Later on in 2014, I had a stroke that paralyzed my right side to the extent that my head and eye were affected. I could not walk at all, I was bedridden and as a result, I had to leave my work. I depended on my husband and children to take care of me.

My partner received the Stop Suffering magazine during evangelism. We saw the advert of Workers Prayer on E-Botswana. I would pray and drink water together with the Bishop and Pastor on the television. I became better and I was able to walk and I came to church.

I was introduced to Chains of Prayer on Tuesdays for my healing and Fridays for deliverance. I also participated in the Campaign of Israel for my healing and I also used the Spiritual Treatment.

Today I am completely healed. My health has been restored, I have no pains in my shoulder and in my womb.

Virginia Solomon


Disclaimer: The contents of this publication reflect the opinions of the interviewees. This publication is for information purpose only. Opinions and advice expressed do not necessarily represent the views of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. The Universal Church does not claim to heal anyone, but believes that through the power of faith in the name of Jesus, a person can receive healing. Those under medical treatment are advised to continue taking prescribed medication and following their doctors’ instructions.

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