Mental Case

zWhat do you do when insanity runs in the family? I thought I was destined to be insane, says Mosadikhumo.

In 1999, just before I was to write my final exam for Cambridge, I became mentally disturbed. It started with depression and then the situation just escalated. I started talking to myself and writing everything upside down. I failed my exam and I had to stay at home. I couldn’t work because no one wanted to hire a crazy person. What troubled me the most was the fact that my mother went through the same thing when she was still schooling, and had to quit school. Next, it was my brother who also had to be taken out of school because he was insane. It seemed that insanity was something that runs in the family.

I thought I was destined to be insane until I received an invitation to the Universal Church. I joined the chains of prayer and was able to get a job. Later on I heard about the Campaign of Israel on Mount Sinai and that’s when I decided to sacrifice my salary. It was not easy because my mother and brother were becoming worse. But I didn’t give up.  After that day when I presented my vow, my family and I became free. Right now I am free, I am happy and I am no longer sick. I thank God for that.

Mosadikhumo Ntsepe