Lovelife issues

To say I had love life problems is putting it light. Hell is more like it. I was in a relationship for 19 years with my husband, who was my partner by then since we were not married yet.  Our problems started in the early years of our 9krelationship. We started fighting like cats and dogs. We would fight even over senseless things. It was as if there was an invisible force working in our house just to stir up fights and misunderstandings. As if our problems were not enough, he started cheating on me in broad day light, even with women in my neighborhood. He would leave me with the children for months. When he came back we would try to make amends but we soon started fighting again and we were back to square one.

This went on for years, on and off. I was frustrated and angry. One day I beat up his girlfriend so bad. I thought I had solved the problem but things just got worse and he left me again and went to stay with her. That was the last straw. I had had enough.

I was invited to the Universal Church and I started making chains of prayer. When the Campaign of Mount Sinai was introduced I decided to participate on behalf of my love life. And soon after that my partner started coming to church. We are now happily married, my husband is a man of God, he stopped drinking and smoking marijuana, he has changed completely. We have two cars, a house, and two plots. My daughter was also blessed with marriage. I thank God for everything.

Mr and Mrs Gutsiri