My life wasn’t moving an inch

T9k-1here are times in life when the decision to end it all seems like the only way out. The end of the road. That’s where Baledzi found herself after suffering the loss of her two children, and not forgetting just about everything that went wrong in her life.

“I found myself contemplating the thought of killing myself many times. I thought could just throw myself in the river with my children and end it all,”

I was born in a family of eight siblings and tragically five of them had passed way.  But it was when I lost two of my own children that my whole world came crashing down on me. The cloud of death never seemed to go away, it was like a curse in my family. I was devastated. I was depressed and suicidal. My life wasn’t moving an inch. I was unemployed. I was not getting married. And as if to rub salt to my wounds I got stroke that left me paralyzed on my side.

I was fortunate to hear about the UCKG. When I came to church I learned about the chains of prayer. I started fighting for my healing and for deliverance in my family. And I was completely healed from sickness and depression, and my family was delivered from the curse of death.

When the Campaign of Israel was introduced I decided to participate on behalf of my love life because I was in a relationship by then. It wasn’t easy. I took all the money my partner had given me to keep from the profits of the business. He was enraged. The following Sunday he came to church complaining. But God did a miracle that day because from that day forward he started coming to church faithfully. We are now happily married. I managed to secure a good job. And I was promoted to a better position. We now own a business and a farm. I thank God for everything.

Baledzi Sepapeng