As the youth, we are the greatest target of the devil because of the energy and the potential we have. He uses the addiction to destroy our future and shows us that there is no way out. But for the Youth Power Group (YPG), they saw things in a different way as they gather for the Say No event. The environment was spectacular as the excitement and energy were the only things that were in the air.

The YPG came in large numbers; more than one thousands five hundred youths from all branches of Southern Region filled the church and the basement. The event started with a blessing from Bishop Frank. The youth Pastor, Pastor Lesley then took over with a prayer declaring war against addiction, because every addiction has a spirit behind and with God we can break free. The youths were given the chance to determine their freedom from addiction and their blessing from God. Adding to that was an uplifting testimony from Thabiso Mokalake a member of YPG. Who share with youth about his life story, that he was addicted to alcohol and marijuana for almost 10 years. He mentioned that the day he arrive at the church he was from Police Station after been arrested for stealing. He said he use to stealing from people and companies to feed his addiction. The day he arrived in the church he said from that day he made a decision to live behind his bad friends and also his bad attitude and started following God. “Today I’m free from addiction, I’m a responsible young man, helping my parents as I’m also working, I’m happy with who I am today if I made it you can make it too,” said Thabiso to the youth who attended the event.

The youth closely listened as Pastor Lesley emphasized that the YPG have to be intentional and determined about their freedom. He then went on to give practical tips on how the youth can remain free. The youth should know and must avoid places that sell what they are addicted to. He also included that they must stay away from bad friends that influence them in a bad way. These tips, together with faith are the routes to total freedom from addiction. He pointed that alone we cannot make it. We should put God first and He will bless all areas of our lives. After all that, the pastor made a request to the youth who wanted to give their lives to God, with that a total of 25 youths who immediately got baptized in water.

Next on the agenda was entertainment. As different branches performed, the youth were all eyes on them, as the performances were highly entertaining. To finish off the event, the Pastor concluded by blessing the Oil of the Plans, together with the youth pastors from other branches. This Oil will be used to bless all the plans of the youth.

As the youth left with smiles on their faces, returned to the buses, to go back to their respective branches. We went outside to interview some of the youth who were for the first time in the church such as Gaolathe Mokwena “Through the testimony, I have learned that everything is possible with God. He can deliver everybody regardless of the situation. As a youth, I have to say no towards anything that is not of God.” Concluded Gaolathe. Another youth Bigboy Mothusi said it was his first time to attend the event and he left the event ready to get rid of bad friends for his future sake and he believes that through God he will make it. We also met with Orapeleng Moje and his two friends who also found the event entertaining and also enlightening as he mentioned that it is not easy to quit addictions in one day hence the help of God is needed.

Check the pictures of the event here 

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