It looked impossible

zBefore coming to the church my life was a mess, I was unemployed and I couldn’t find a sponsorship to further my studies. My life had come to a standstill; I was stuck, with no progress whatsoever. And as the first born in my family it was quite embarrassing. Being a full grown woman I had to depend on my uncle for everything including toiletry. A friend of mine invited me to the Universal Church and that’s when I heard about the Campaign of Mount Sinai and I took part in it. To raise my sacrifice I went around selling sausages. After giving my sacrifice I was able to get a sponsorship to further my studies. After participating in other campaigns I was able to secure a good job. Today I am a graduate and have my own car. I am now independent. I have a good job and I am able to support my family. I thank God for that.

Neo Motonto

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