I overcame depression

My dilemma started when my marriage suddenly ended in less than a year. My husband told me to my face that he had married me by mistake. In less than three months, I had no job, no husband , nothing, and I had to go back home with nothing but my tail between my legs.

My problems were just beginning because in the mist of this I lost my mother, the only person who had supported me. My siblings wanted nothing to do with me, all of them turned against me. I suffered all the humiliation you can imagine.  The worst moment of my life was  when they kicked me out of the house on a rainy day and I had to hide my children under a bath tub.

I was depressed and frustrated and I turned to alcohol for comfort. I became very violent and mean. When I could not take it anymore I tried to kill myself and my children but I failed. I tried three times. The first time I tried to hang myself with a scarf but fortunately it was lose and I failed. The second time I   wanted to add poison in our food and the last time was with petrol. I had prepared everything and   when I was ready to light the matches, I recalled  how much my children have always depended on me for protection and now I was going to be the one killing them therefore I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I continued with this shameful life until one day my daughter invited me to church. I knew I had come to the right place because I got the support I so needed to change my life. In the meetings I learned to forgive and eventually dealt with my anger and traumas.

Today I am free from depression. I have forgiven all those who hurt me and made peace with my family. I am currently working and also have ventured into business. I am able to provide for my children and don’t need to depend on anyone. I thank God

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