I made it through chains of prayer

Nolithando: “I came to the Universal Church in 2012 through an invitation that I watched on e-Botswana. The pastor on television invited viewers to be part of the prayer for the sick. This called for my attention since I was very sick but I didn’t know the cause of the disease on my body. My whole body was itching and had abdominal pains since childhood. As if that was not enough, I was a victim of witchcraft and could not sleep at night. This situation led me to consult witch doctors in search for help but I could not get the solution to my problems. As a result, I developed a lot of anger also thinking that my family went through a tough time since my childhood. The constant fights in my extended family made me not to trust anyone. I didn’t want to be hurt anymore so I preferred to be alone than to associate with anyone.

The first thing that happened as I engaged in the chains of prayer in the Universal Church was to be delivered from feet which felt hot, as if burning, mostly during the night. This happened soon after passing through the holy water during the healing service on Tuesday. Furthermore, my body stopped itching and I got completely healed. Since coming to the Universal Church, I no longer consult witch doctors.

I continued taking part in the chains of prayer and using my faith. I came to the Universal Church unemployed but now I work for Botswana Television. Having been told that no one would want to marry from a family which is always fighting, I engaged in the chains of prayer on Thursdays for my love life. As a result, I am now married.  I will never forget where God took me from, and this alone reminds me to worship Him at all times”.

Tshiamo: “I was a single man and I thought it was just fine.  Marriage was the last thing on my mind because of the disappointments I had in my love life. I came to church and engaged myself in chains of prayer. My faith got restored and I learnt that marriage was not a burden but a beautiful thing created by God. I met my wife in the church, we are happily married and I thank God for that”.

Mr & Mrs Gaonnwe

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