I got my life back

Growing up, we were many in my family so I felt that I was not given enough love and attention, therefore, I started drinking alcohol, smoking and going to the night clubs at the age of 15. I was raised by my stepfather who used to drink alcohol in my presence. I would sometimes take a sip from his alcohol while he was not watching or when he was not around.

One sip led to another and eventually I became a heavy drinker. Though I was disciplined at home that did not help as I would drink every chance I got and associate with bad friends at school. My academic performance went down since I drank a lot and paid little to no attention to my studies. I got pregnant at the age of 17, became a teenage mother and as result, had to drop out of school. Two years later I dated a married man who moved myself and my child to Gaborone and took care of us and also helped me to start a small business of selling clothes. Our relationship ended in 2001 after I met someone who later fathered my second child. I became mentally ill after he passed on in a car accident. This spiritual problem  followed me everywhere I went so I was sent to a mental institution where I was given medication.

I received an invitation to the Universal Church in 2010. While in the church, I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and high blood pressure. I was given a lot of medication, spent most of the time sleeping and could not go to places I wanted. Financially, I became broke because I was so sick that I could not continue with my business, therefore, depending on other people. I became serious with my chains of prayer especially on Tuesdays and also used the spiritual treatment I received

every Sunday.

The medication I was given bothered me and did not make me comfortable as I had to put the tablet under my tongue every time I felt the pain. I got revolted when the Campaign of Israel

was introduced. I used my faith and sacrificed everything for my health. I sacrificed my relationship as well (I was staying with a boyfriend although we were not married), I got baptized in water and gave my life 100% to God.

Today I am totally healed and do not take any medication. I also have a registered company and my financial life is back on track”.

Edith Motshidisi

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