I choose my destiny

Young and vibrant at only 24, she is taking on the world, with a looming business and a successful marriage, Daisy is an inspiration for young troubled youth.

My ordeal started when I lost my father. He used to be very strict and I was an obedient child because I respected him. But when he passed away I started being rebellious. Though I never lacked anything I felt that I didn’t have the attention and affection I needed at home. When my mother went out of the country, I had to go live with my aunt who was very strict. I lived in fear and this just made me very rebellious and stubborn. I started sleeping around and even dated teachers at school. I got involved with the wrong crowd who had a bad influence on me.

At one point I went to the shop and stole something I needed because I was even afraid to ask my aunt. This got me into trouble as I was caught, beaten up and arrested. That was the worst moment of my life. My mom disowned me that day and told people that I am embarrassment to her and she didn’t want to see me my face. That was the last straw for me. I remembered that I used to come to church and I decided to come back and get serious with God. I made my chain of prayers for my financial life. I had a dream of starting a beauty saloon. I started small doing nails on a small table at the station. But my vision grew and I decided to open a beauty salon. Now my business is doing so well that we receive clients from BTV and even Miss Botswana. I bought myself a car and I was also blessed in my love life, I am happily married to a man of God. My relationship with my mother is also restored.

Daisy Ipaseng