I changed my history

9kSuccess. We all want it. We even make a road map for our lives that leads us towards it. But what happens when things don’t go according to plan? When all your attempts to pursue your dreams fail? Do you throw in the towel? Or do you keep trying. Gabriel tells us how he turned his failures into success, changing the history of his life.

My dilemma started after I finished school. Like everyone I had prospects to further my studies in university. But failed attempts to get a sponsorship left me depressed and discouraged about my future. I started drinking and smoking marijuana. I literally drowned my sorrows in my addiction. I couldn’t find a job neither could my mother. Nothing was going right for us. And we knew something was seriously wrong. And so we began our laborious search for help. We went to prophets who dug deep into our pockets with false promises. But nothing worked. Still there was no progress in life.

My self-destructing behavior wasn’t helping either; it just made things worse. This is how I came to the church. I was desperate and looking for a way out. I joined the chains of prayer faithfully. After I was delivered from my addictions and I also managed to get a sponsorship to do nursing. Later I graduated and managed to secure a job and I also bought myself my first car. But even though I was now working I was not satisfied with my life. That’s when I decided to sacrifice during the Campaign of Mount Sinai. To make my sacrifice I sold my car. I also added on top of that all the money I had that time.

After the campaign God opened my vision to start a business selling cars in Namibia. It was doing very well. In 2012 I started a farming business which is doing very well. I managed to buy myself a car in cash. I am currently building a house. I am able to pay school fees for my child. I am still working as a nurse but my business gives me much more than my salary. Customers are just lining up to buy and I thank God for that. I can say without a doubt that sacrifice works.

Gabriel Nchochi