Helping the Immigrants in Francistown

We all know every country has its own rules to keep things in order, and so is our Country Botswana. Behind the tall fences of Francistown Illegal Immigrants Centre you find men, women and their children who got arrested for being in the country illegally. Some came running away from their countries to seek greener pastures, only to find themselves arrested, the worst thing, with their children. The sad thing is that some of them when they got arrested from the street, they ended up in jail with nothing to wear but what they came wearing.

Though the Centre tries to look after them, by providing food to eat and tents to sleep, we can’t forget it’s a huge responsibility and costly too. The cold winter doesn’t help either, especially as they live in tents. They await the verdict, whether to be granted the right to remain in the country or face their worst fear of being sent back to their respective countries. So we decided to ask for donation from the Members of the church who were very happy to donate clothes, blankets and toiletries. All the Pastor’s wives and Godllywood Members came together to wash and iron every item donated, and neatly packed them away in clear labeled packages to donate to the center.

We then drove for 5 hours, outside Gaborone to bless those souls. The Officers warmly welcomed us and were very happy for the contribution we have made to the Centre and they have promised to distribute the items to the people according to their needs. We have prayed in the center for God to bless and protect all the immigrants who will be deported back to their countries and those who will be allowed to remind in Botswana. We manage to make an appointment, to go back, mainly to hold a service for them later on.

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