When I got here, I was hand chained


Scripture says that there was a man who stayed in the tombs and was always chained because he was possessed, this was also my case when I arrived in the Universal Church

Growing up, I never truly believed I could live a good life and get settled in the city. I saw my family being tormented by witchcraft to the point that we had to move from our yard to the cattle post. My family and I lived in fear. Some of my siblings decided to go to the city and never step foot in our yard again, just because of this. I lost both my parents, who both died mysteriously.

I was an emotional wreck. I didn’t know what could be the solution to this problem. Drowning myself in alcohol and smoking marijuana was the only thing that seemed appropriate at that moment. That time I was left alone with my brother in the cattle post, taking care of the livestock. One day I saw a big snake in one of the wells and that was the beginning of my sickness. I became a lunatic.

The way my siblings describe the situation, it was bad. They say that I used to beat people up, and they were not spared. I had lost my mind to the point that I needed to be watched everywhere I go. To calm me down they had to chain me because I was violent. My sister who was in Universal Church already decided to take me to church one day. When I got there I was hand chained. Since that day I joined the chains of prayer for deliverance.

Today my life is completely different. I got healed from my madness, after having tried everything else. I’m healthy and free. I stopped drinking and smoking. Now I have a direction in life. My family is back to normal.  The curse of witchcraft is broken. I used to think that I am good for nothing, that the only thing I was good at is to be a herdsman. But now I am working and able to take  care of myself. I thank God for everything.

Ookeditse Gasekgone