From rags to riches

2q-1If you told Joseph before that one day he would be a success businessman, he would probable laugh in your face. Not because he didn’t want to be successful but given the circumstances of his life then; that would seem like an impossible dream.

Like all children when Joseph grew up he had dreams. But it wasn’t until the prime of his life that Joseph was beginning to believe that perhaps dreams don’t always come true.

I never finished school and being uneducated meant that I had to settle for whatever petty job came my way, which didn’t pay so well. I had to make ends meet with a miserable salary, which was only P800. After paying rent there wasn’t enough for food, and bus fare; which left me with no choice but to borrow from cash loans. The cash loans would take my bankcard and immediately after my salary was deposited they would take their money and leave me with so little that I would have no choice but to borrow again. It was a vicious circle and there seemed to be no way out.

Basically I was going nowhere slowly. I couldn’t buy clothes or furniture, let alone start a family. How could I even ponder the thought of marriage in such miserable circumstances? But the most embarrassing part was not being able to send money home to my family. That just finished whatever bit of dignity was left in me, because my family was expecting me to help them since I was working. But how could I help them if I couldn’t even help myself?

dsc_1198One day I received an invitation to the Universal Church. I learned about the chains of prayers and started fighting for my financial life to change. When the Campaign of Israel was introduced I decided to throw myself in. I took my salary and made the sacrifice. It wasn’t easy for me that time because I had to go home for the holidays and even contribute something for food, but I didn’t go because I didn’t have any cash. But I had decided, I didn’t want to continue living that way.

It wasn’t long after that I got a good paying job.  Today I have two businesses, which are a printing company, and a construction company. I have recently signed a 8 million pula contract. I also have a family now I am happily married. I have 3 cars, a house, and a 11 hector farm. I can say without a doubt that the campaign works.

Joseph Puso