Free at last from addiction

Alcohol is rapidly becoming a force to reckon with among students in Botswana, where the problem seems to increase at tertiary level. This could be due to the fact that many sponsored students will use their allowance to feed their addiction to drugs and alcohol. And just how many students have been victims of alcoholism to the point of losing their scholarship?

Keolebogile tells us about his struggles with addiction and  how he overcame. “Everyone has a role model. Mine was my father. He was an alcoholic and I wanted to be just like him” How distorted is that! Keolebogile grew up in a family where everyone was drinking, and never really had a good role model. “When my mom was not around my uncles would throwparties and that’s when I got my first taste of alcohol” says Keolebogile. Things became worse when he was in tertiary because he would use his allowance money to buy alcohol. Eventually his drinking habits took its toll on his studies. Though Keolebogile was very intelligent at school his grades started  dropping. His mother was devastated and she tried to talk to him but she was out numbered because just about everyone in the house was a drunkard. He became a womanizer and started stealing. He would smoke marijuana every day before going to school and when he didn’t have money he would borrow and do whatever to get a fix.

Keolebogile was on a path to self-destruction until one day he was invited to the UCKG. “ I learned about the chains of prayer and I started attending the ‘Addiction Cleansing Therapy’ where I finally overcame my addiction. Today I am a totally changed person. I managed to pass my school exams. Now I am working and I recently got a promotion to be a manager at work. Above all I have peace and I am very happy with my life”

Keolebogile Sarefo – Mogoditshane

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