Free from substance abuse, hopelessness and attempting suicide

I always had a void inside of me; I somehow felt unhappy about life and I didn’t know the reason for that. By the age of 15, I had already started smoking cigarettes; It all began by smoking one cigarette per day and went on to two, three and later began to crave for stronger substances such as marijuana and alcohol. I became so addicted such that a day could not pass without smoking.

Eventually my grades at school dropped as I lost focus and vision. To satisfy my addictions, I had to steal money and items from my family, school and the community at large.

With time, one of my friends was caught and went to prison. This got me afraid such that I attempted to stop stealing from people but it was hard for me. I also became addicted to pornography.

Everything about my life was failing; my girlfriend ended our relationship, I lost school sponsorship, I became hopeless and attempted to commit suicide by drinking a chemical substance mixed with tar, fortunately I did not die. 

One of my friends invited me to the Universal Church where I joined the youth group and participated in the chains of prayer. Through these meetings, I learnt how I could overcome suicide, addiction and how to have a happy life.

Through perseverance and seeking help from assistants and pastors, God blessed me with sponsorship to go back to school, where I managed to complete my studies. I started having inner peace and overcame addictions and suicidal thoughts. I thank God for the second chance. I’m looking forward to a better future”.

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