Former drug dealer, Ex-con and Suicide Attempt

“My mother raised me with my siblings very well even though she couldn’t give us every thing we liked. When¬ever I went to school I would find other students who had better things than me. This made me angry and bitter. I started stealing from them and for protection I would go with older guys. Later on, I started smoking to fit in. Then I began to steal from neighbors and siblings to support my addiction.

I sold alcohol and drugs in school, but it was found out and I was suspended. I began to live and sleep on the streets, eating from the garbage bins. Selling drugs became my hobby.

I was known in my community because I used to stab people and the police were hunting for me. One day, I stabbed someone and was sentenced to prison for more than 2 years. Prison life didn’t change me, I became even worse.

When I left prison I couldn’t find a job so I went on selling cocaine and ecstasy to survive. My life became so empty that I came to a point of attempting suicide, fortunately my mother cut off the rope just in time. I felt hopeless.

A friend invited me to church, even though I was reluctant at first, I ended up coming. I joined the chains of prayers and persevered for me to see changes in my life.

Today, I managed to quit my old life. I no longer sell drugs or use them. I run a mobile restaurant. I have peace and happiness. I’m looking forward to a better future. I thank God for that.”

Mmoloki Zibani

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