Financial victorious

My life went into a turmoil when my truck was involved in an unfortunate accident in South Africa. I had been using the truck to transport goods for my business. That was it! My business was stuck, and on top of that I was left with debts to pay. I hadn’t finished paying off the truck since I bought it. I had also bought a plot where I was building my house but I had to put those plans on hold as well.  While I was in that mayhem, my son passed away living a 4 month old baby and a wife who was unemployed. It pained me because I couldn’t even support them even if I wanted to, because of my financial situation.

I went to the event at the national stadium to pray for my financial life. And that’s where God gave me the victory. At the moment I am financially stable. I also managed to finish building my house and bought myself a car. I thank God for everything

Maggie Reetsang

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