Finally I have my own Company

9k-1Many people migrate from the villages to the city with a prospect of a better life. That’s how I came to Gaborone. I hoped to find a job and make something out of my life. But I didn’t anticipate the many challenges I would face there. I didn’t have a place to stay and so I would move from one friend to another. It was uncomfortable as I had to depend on people for basics needs such as food and shelter. And it wasn’t long that my friends started avoiding me like a plague. They were just  fed up of me. And to make matters worse, I fell ill with a rash that lasted for almost 3 years. So now I was homeless, sick and living on handouts.

One day I was invited to the Universal Church where I learned about the chains of prayer. After joining the chains of prayer I was healed and I also managed to get a job. When the campaign of Israel was introduced I decided to sacrifice my salary. After that I got a better job and I was able to support my family. I didn’t stop to use my faith, as I joined the following campaigns.9k-3

Today I am happily married.  I have my own company, a house, and I own two cars. I thank God for everything

Diane Oduetse