A decision that changed my whole life

youBroken and torn with low self-esteem- this is who Apelo saw whenever she looked at herself in the mirror. Peace was such a distant memory and hope of happiness was only but a dream.I felt the world rejecting me as if I had no one except myself hence I tried to commit suicide. Here is how it all started.

I was raised in a well-behaved family. Though we were not rich I never lacked anything in life. However, I had a void in my heart. There was a point in life when I got the opportunity to know God but I decided to go my own way. I started to seek fulfillment in wrong places.

I started clubbing and getting drunk with friends. For some time it looked like I was enjoying life. I had many boyfriends. And the worst was when I became addicted to Facebook. I was just seeking attention from men. One day I got so drunk that I blacked out and only realized that I had been raped when I woke up in the morning. All the fun ended on that day, that’s when the penny dropped.

I got so depressed and blamed myself for everything. I couldn’t handle the thought of pregnant or even worse getting infected with HIV. I had no motivation to do anything, including going to school. I became so depressed to the point of trying to take my own life by overdosing pills. The world came crashing down on me and that’s when I remembered the peace I used to enjoy at the UCKG. I met a friend of mine who attended the church and she encouraged me to come and attend.

When I got there I was taught about Chains of prayer. I took a decision that changed my whole li13707596_722620597879674_2376900733875092602_nfe. It was then that I gave my life to God and asked Him to fill the emptiness within. I got delivered and the depression disappeared. I managed to complete my studies. Later I got married to a man of God. I’m progressing in life. I’m now a fashion designer pursuing my dream. Today not only do I have peace but I have also received my salvation.


Apelo Marusweneng

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