Deadly skin disease made my life a living hell

My dilemma started after I had chickenpox. After two weeks with chicken pox, it disappeared but only scars remained. These scars began to be painful and suddenly lumps developed beneath my skin. Within a short period of time, these lumps developed into deep wounds producing pus. These first started showing on my legs and spread throughout my whole body up to my face.

These wounds were eating away my flesh and my whole body was deformed. My face was totally transformed and I became unrecognizable. I looked like I had acid burns to the extent that all my hair fell off and I became bald.

The doctors could not diagnose the cause of my skin problem. Every time I would go to the hospital, they would run some tests to find out what was wrong with me but they could not find anything. There were times when they would take a piece of my flesh and ran some tests on it but still nothing was found, only to tell me it was a skin disease.

I took 13 pills on daily basis but this was not helping. The disease affected my schooling as I  ended up not completing my Cambridge as a result of being in and out of hospital. I lived like this from 2012-2015 and had accepted my situation.

People would stare at me everywhere I went and this embarrassed me a lot. It came to a point that I could not walk because of the pain. My family did not even believe I would live. I had also lost all hope in life. That was the worst moment of my life.

When I came to the Universal Church, I participated in the chains of prayer on Tuesdays for healing. I also used the spiritual treatment. While I was hospitalized, I received prayers from the hospital group of the church. Right now it has been two years of being free from the skin disease. I am totally healed and no longer seek medical help.”

Anima Ntoko

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