Day of Solutions

One day your problem began and it grew bigger because you did not find a solution to it. Here is an opportunity to deal with your challenges. People, God says: “For the challenges that have defied the help of man, receive divine solutions. For the issues you have tried to deal with unsuccessfully, God is showing up to turn things around. For those setbacks that have confined you to a spot, God is showing up to bring amazing miracles that will make you smile. Concerning your challenges, heaven is sending you divine solutions”.

On the 15th of April 2018 at 10am at the National Stadium, God will bring about the uncommon solutions to challenges in your health, finances, marriage, career, spiritual life, etc. Challenges and impossible cases that have defied the help of man will be dealt with by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself on that day. When God brings you a divine solution, He leaves no stone unturned, nothing missing and nothing broken.

Day of Solutions at the National Stadium is for the sick and the broken, the barren women, the destitute, for the witchcraft-stricken families, etc. When Jesus steps in, disgrace turns to celebration. It will be the day you will never forget. This is an assurance passed on to us by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

He said, “What is impossible with men is possible with God.” Luke 18:27 MEV.

These words will be put to test on that day. You should come expecting solutions. God intervenes when we ask Him to; the Scripture is full of it. It will be the day to maximise your faith. Your faith is absolutely essential. Remember, God is not moved by our needs but by our faith. Faith is the cheque with which we withdraw from our heavenly account. It is the avenue or channel through which we receive from the heaven’s store. Without faith, nothing moves. Without faith, nothing happens. Without faith, nothing changes. It should be a simple act of obedience, a step of faith to the National Stadium!

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