The day that marked my life

My life started going off track when I started hanging around with bad friends who influenced me to smoke drugs. Basically I became a criminal going around robbing people. My life was just about drugs. I was always on the run from police. I was incarcerated many times, always being beaten up even by police. You would think that I would change but when I got out of jail I was just bitter and I would continue where I left off.

It came to a point where I was not eating food. I would just smoke. And when I was high I would not feel hungry.  I remember that I would lock myself in the room and smoke the whole day. Many times I would isolate myself from people and go to the mountains where I hoped to find serenity and peace of mind, but there was no escape from my demons.

The very first time I came to the Universal Church there was an event at the national stadium. I didn’t even hear the message there but something changed in me as I walked home, I started to see the world with different eyes. I saw my life in a whole new light. I started coming to the church and working on building my life.

Today I am totally free from drugs and the life of crime. I changed from being an evil person and I started to be nice to people. I have peace and I am no longer a troublemaker in the community. I have a direction in life. I am currently self-employed and have great prospects in life. I thank God for everything because if it wasn’t for Him I would probably be dead by now.

Calvin Mlilo