Against all odds

Anyone who is from the Tswapong side knows that witchcraft exist or at least has heard the stories. And I9k have a story to tell but this is no fairytale. My family and I needed protection against this spirit that used to torment us, therefore every year my father would do rituals to protect the family. Even though he was trying his best, at the end he lost his life due to the witchcraft. He escaped three accidents and the fourth one took his life.

After the death of my father, I knew that we didn’t have any protection anymore. I started living in fear. Even though my siblings and I excelled when it came to our studies somehow we just could not progress in life and that troubled me. I used to wonder if I would ever make it in life and also dreaded cars in case I became the next victim of a car accident. I remember very well after the death of my father that my mother used to take me to witchdoctors concerning my studies and other discomforts in my life to seek help but to no avail.  It came to a certain point that I believed washing myself in the sea would change the situation but I was just fishing in troubled waters.  Even on my own, I would visit witchdoctors who would tell me stories and things I don’t understand which made me lose confidence in them.

425725624_142614_17969952574450764581One day while walking on the street I received a newsletter of the Universal Church. That day I decided to visit the church. Since then I never looked back. I attended the chains of prayer for my deliverance and for progress in my studies.

The first blessing I received was when I passed my studies against all odds after a lot of my colleagues struggled with the same courses.  I then got a job thereafter in the then looming competitive job market.That’s when I knew that the curse was broken and indeed I had found the Healer of all healers. After that,I joined the Campaigns of Israel and other movements of faith in the church for a break-through in my life.

425625140_142388_14304642555845119459Today I’m happily married and I have peace.  I’m no longer afraid of witchcraft or car accidents. I have 3 residential plots and 2 fields of 6.5 hectors in prime locations. My wife and I have 2 cars, a business plot where we are developing property for rentals and also we are busy starting some investments through various partnerships.  My wife has just started a bridal shop in Francistown which is doing well and I am blessed with a good job. I thank God for everything that I conquered through Him.

William Balekeng