A traumatizing childhood…

A traumatizing childhood, being rejected and chased away from home left me helpless

How does one find happiness and joy after going through a hard childhood? How do you move on in life and be successful after being rejected by your own mother? Timmy shared with the Unipress how he overcome his past and learnt to be happy again.


My childhood was no bed of roses. I was always neglected as a child. I didn’t know why until one day I found out that the man I had always known to be my father was actually my stepfather. He would do everything for my siblings but not for me. I always lacked clothes and necessities. My affliction and distress drove me to contemplate death many times. The worst thing was that even own mother had rejected me and taken his side.

I was chased out of the house many times to go live with my grandmother. Things were not better there either. Many times there was no food. In all of this I cursed my mother for bringing me into this world to suffer like this. This went on until I found my real father who helped and supported me. But even then nothing could heal the scars that were etched deep inside of me.

Loneliness led me to join a heavy metal rock gang.  I didn’t want to be lonely and being part of the group gave me a sense of belonging.  But at the end of the day nothing could fill the void inside of me.

Until one day I was invited to the UCKG where my life was restored. I started to fight for my life through the chains of prayer, on Mondays for my financial life and Thursday for my love life. And eventually I married my beloved wife, Rose. Today we have a promising tailoring business. We managed to secure clients making uniforms for companies and hotels. All the years of pain and suffering are but a memory, life couldn’t be better. I thank God for everything.


After a tragic loss of my sibling through a car accident my parents became very protective of me since I was the only child they had left. I was basically locked inside the house. I couldn’t go out to visit friends or enjoy life as a young person. I was in prison in my own home. Because of this I began being naughty. I would jump the fence to go out partying. I also started drinking at school. At boarding school I became a diva, living recklessly, I learned strip dancing, and got romantically involved with another woman. At one point I almost got involved with Satanism. But their efforts to initiate me always failed because they said something was blocking them. Later I came to learn that my aunt who was attending the UCKG was praying for me.

At this point Timmy and I were already dating but we were stuck because my parents didn’t approve of our relationship. Timmy was already coming to church and he invited me. We started making the chains of prayer and eventually we got married and started our tailoring business, which is doing very well. I thank God for everything.