Now I’m living my dream

Mercy can clearly tell the before and after of her life.  And this is how she narrates her story.

My life was a mess. I had many financial problems. Though my late husband was working we couldn’t afford to live a comfortable life. My family was crowded in a two-roomed house; which wasn’t even ours. On top of that we were drowning in debts.z-2

As you can imagine, the financial problems were causing a lot of tension in our marriage as well. We were always fighting over issues of money. Sometimes there would be no food in the house. And the tension was just building. There was no peace at all. I had a dream to take my kids to the best schools but it was just impossible. I tried many ways to improve our situation, one time I even registered a business but it failed. I was depressed and frustrated. I blamed everything for our failure even our marriage.

One day a friend of mine invited me to the UCKG and that’s when my life took a turn for the better. I learned about the chains of prayer and started exercising my faith. When the campaign of Israel was introduced I decided to participate to change my situation once and for all. I gave my salary as a sacrifice.

After that my life started to change. We were developing and growing gradually. My late husband got a good job with a very good salary. I was getting promotion after promotion at work. Today I am married again and living a comfortable life with my family. I am currently staying in the house of my dreams in Phakalane, I have other houses in Block 3, Block 9 and also in the village. I drive a Nissan Fort Range, I also have a Nissan Juke. My kids attend the best schools. Today I can say I am living my dream and I thank God for everything.

Mercy Tshwenyego Serumolo